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Leafield has relationships with 16 international navies stretching all around the globe. These relationships were originally formed when the UK MoD sold ex Royal Navy (RN) ships to other countries. Over time our expertise has led us to develop these relationships to a range of other navies, sometimes where RN vessels were in turn sold on to a third user.


A longer term relationship has also developed with countries where we researched that parts that were used in vessels built for other countries were common with parts used in RN vessels, a good example of this would be in propulsion systems such as diesel engines or gas turbines.


Leafield has also provided disposals support to other navies, for example we include on our parts database all the parts available from the DALO, the disposals arm of the Danish armed forces, and have also worked with DALO on looking for opportunities to sell complete vessels.


Leafield also works with customers on a project basis, for example to assemble all the parts from a number of sources into a single shipment to arrive at the appropriate time to synchronise with a planned refits in order to maximise both the ease of operation at the dockyard and the timely arrival of all the components.


Our company currently services customers across NATO and Allied Forces and operates from its headquarters

and storage facility in the South West of England.


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