Leafield has recently utilised the skills that it has developed with the UK MoD to support a major defence contractor where they faced similar challenges at the end of a major overseas contract.


The major shipbuilding operation was moving out of a large facility and needed to release the space occupied by surplus spares.


Leafield came up with an innovative proposal to deal with the challenge of realising the value from the legacy stock. A large number of vehicles were sent to the client's premises and a joint team from the two organisations loaded the vehicles with the entire contents of the facility over a period of 8 days. The spares were brought back to Leafield's extensive premises where everything was unpacked, inspected, identified and booked onto our system.


We then started a process of evaluating the best route to market for each item:

Dynamic balance

• Retain for future sale to the original customers of the shipyard

• Sell immediately in the commercial market

• Reduce to produce program - precious material reclamation

• Final process for recycling

PT Balance


Our experience of undertaking similar processes for the UK MoD over many years enabled us to complete this task within a four week period.


The customer was delighted with our speed of response, the fact that they incurred no costs from failing to clear the facility on time and incurred no transport or labour costs as well as receiving a significant cash injection from Leafield based on the value realised from the sales process.

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