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Leafield has worked closely with the Ministry of Defence’s Disposal Services Authority to support defence and other Government departments with effective and efficient disposal and sales service in order to support UK Defence capability.


These assets were originally produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the Royal Navy under stringent UK MoD Project Team quality control.


The material is applicable to a wide range of ships and submarines now operated by new users. Many of the propulsion and weapon systems are also standard on other vessels giving a wider application and benefit to customers.


This allows Leafield to supply critical components and main equipments rapidly and cost-effectively globally and has made Leafield the supplier of choice for navies around the world.


Some examples of the ships and types of equipment we support are shown below:

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    • • Leander Class frigates

      • Type 21 frigates

      • Type 22 frigates

      • Type 23 frigates

      • Type 42 destroyers

      • F22 frigates


      • Victoria class submarines

      • Hunt and Sandown Class mine countermeasures vessels

• River Class patrol vessels

• Peacock Class patrol vessels

• Castle Class OPVs

• Primary propulsion systems across a wide range of vessels

• Secondary propulsion systems across a wide range of vessels

• Radar systems including both antennas and receiver units


• Navigation systems

• Weapon systems



Procurement Services


We have a global network of suppliers so that we can source a range of parts, components and manage the complete supply chain on your behalf. If we are unable to meet your requirements from stock, we will search the open market using our powerful proprietary database of products and suppliers across the world to offer genuine parts at competitive prices, backed by our valued 12 month warranty.


With a cross reference of over 1.5 million part numbers, a technical database covering all aspects of equipment configuration, and an intimate knowledge of manufacturers and distributors, Leafield has an enviable record of sourcing even the most hard-to-find parts.


• We have access to over 25,000 suppliers worldwide and 1.5 million supplier part numbers

• Extensive databases built up over the last 20 years:

    • - Over 6,000 approved suppliers often including tracking supplier name changes, mergers and acquisitions
    • - Research facilities including access to ISIS, NMCRL, NAMSA and BR320

• Consolidated packing and worldwide delivery services

• We currently have 2 open individual export licences covering 10 specific countries and are registered for 2 open general export licences broadly covering NATO affiliated countries, which allows us to rapidly and efficiently move goods from our commercial partners to the end customers wherever they are. Any exports that fall outside the scope of our licences Leafield has the knowledge to obtain standard individual export licences to enable shipping

• Rigorous quality control



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