Leafield has a long record of working with Original Equipment Manufacturers and platform prime contractors to support their customers around the world.


Leafield is able to offer:


Availability ex-stock
Reserving stock for emergent work
Consolidating, Just-In-Time phased deliveries
Competitive pricing
Availability of obsolete parts and components
Major assemblies available for stripping
Timely response to enquiries
Sale or return (waterfront support)
Distribution and agent capability


Leafield also provides support outside the UK to a number of UK manufacturers who don’t have the local presence or necessary commercial arrangements in place to be able to successfully market their products abroad. By leveraging our extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of foreign governments we are able to enable these manufactures to access markets that would otherwise be beyond their reach. This capability is welcomed in turn by the foreign governments who through our brokering capability gain access to products and services that would not be readily available without our support and capability.


Dynamic balance

Commercial Customers


Leafield’s extensive customer list and long-standing trading relationships with international defence agencies is recognised as providing a unique route to market for many OEMs who do not have the contacts, scale or expertise to conduct operations around the world.


Leafield are increasingly working with commercial customers both to supply them with products that we have in stock or can source through our extensive database and supplier network but also to act as agents and distributors for them.


Leafield export globally, in line with export control and current compliance guidelines, which allows us to rapidly and efficiently move goods from our commercial partners to the end customers wherever they are and we are able to handle all aspects of the global transportation of freight by road, sea or air.


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